The Go Ro Group is THE solution for a small non-profit that wants the expertise of seasoned development and communications professionals--but does not yet have the resources for full-time staff.  We will set you up with the most up-to-date and professional services & train you and your staff.  The Go Ro Group helps organizations grow & achieve independence.
Miriam Isserow was named "Fundraiser of the Year 2010" by Fundraising Success Magazine
The Go Ro Group provides an array of services to promote non-profits & to help them achieve financial stability and growth. We begin with fundraising and development services, drawing on Miriam Isserow's  25 years of experience in non-profit management and fundraising. We help non-profits develop programs, themes, campaigns, proposals, and accompanying materials that resonate with existing donors and prospects--all necessary components for an organization’s significant growth.  

In today's environment, fundraising fundamentals are as critical as ever but organizations also need  to draw upon an ever-growing toolkit to remain current and to reach as many potential donors as possible.  The Go Ro Group draws on partnerships with other professionals to create outstanding design, video, and social media content to help take organizations to the next level.

Contact the Go Ro Group by emailing miriam@gorogroup.com.