Go Ro's Services

  • Establishing new development offices or jump-starting older programs.
  • Preparation and implementation of strategic long-term and short-term development plans.
  • Identifying new constituents and developing outreach opportunities.
  • Coaching Executive Directors and other staff members in fundraising.
  • Event fundraising.
  • Corporate Sponsorships (including creation of targeted packages).
  • Proposal writing (private foundations and government grants) and strategizing about grant opportunities.
  • Creation of on-line campaigns and use of social networking to expand outreach while cutting costs.
  • Inspiring and training board members and volunteers to take active roles in fundraising.
  • Script-to-screen media production services communicating a clear and concise fund-raising or mission message as well as tribute videos.

We are constantly adding services so that we can ensure that our clients have all the tools to reach constituents.